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Runoff is over!  Well, sort of... We haven't seen rivers and streams come into shape this early since 2010! Come on out and enjoy the excellent fly fishing opportunities North Fork Anglers can provide. 

We are guiding on the Bighorn, Lower Shoshone, North and South Forks of the Shoshone and private water although we do admit the fly fishing has been a challenge recently with all the rains and melting snowpack, so typical of June!

If you have the itch to get out and fish, we are here to take you. North Fork Anglers has been here to help with guided trips, gear, clothing and terminal tackle since 1984. To book a guide, just give us a call 307.527.7274. 
North Fork Anglers is open Monday through Sunday, 8 am to 8 pm. You can always phone us for up to the minute fishing conditions and reports. North Fork Anglers offers Guided Float or Walk/Wade Trips every month of the year. Reserve your guide now and enjoy the solitude and superb fly fishing found on the East side of Yellowstone!

Fish with North Fork Anglers, an Orvis Endorsed Outfitter/Guide/Retail operation. We also proudly carry Simms, Sage, Rio, Scientific Anglers, Ross, Lamson and more. We always do our best to help make your fly fishing trip an ADVENTURE filled with life long memories!



The Shoshone River is an overlooked jewel offering lots of fine fishing opportunities. The North Fork, South Fork, and Lower Shoshone provide anglers with miles of river to wade or float for wild rainbow, brown and cutthroat trout.



The North Fork is a freestone river that originates high in the Absaroka Mountains on the East side of Yellowstone National Park. This river is noted for its outstanding Yellowstone cutthroat, rainbow and cutt-bow fishery. 

The flows on the North Fork are 1100 cfs. Based on the flow trends we are seeing, the North Fork appears to be dropping daily and should continue for the foreseeable future. T
he North Fork is in prime condition, especially the upper section. The trout have been responding to large nymphs fished deep. And the fish are starting to look up!  A big hopper that will float a large stone fly nymph is not a bad idea!!!

The river should now be clearing from the mudslide a few days ago, but rain in the forecast could change that quickly.  Call the shop for the latest water conditions before you head out.

The trout in the North Fork are hot this time of year. Fun, fun, fun. The North Fork is now open all the way down to Gibbs Bridge!

The grizzlies and black bears are out on the North Fork. Be cautious, and carry bear spray!!



The South Fork is a freestone river that flows into Buffalo Bill Reservoir from the SW. Most of the river is private water with limited angler access until the Shoshone Forest Boundary near Valley. 





The flows are 748 cfs where the South Fork meets Buffalo Bill Reservoir and 1230 cfs at Valley School as of this report.  The South Fork is also trending downward like the North Fork and fishing better and better. Hatches are caddis and the beginning of the golden stone emergence. Fun is in our future!!  

The fishing will be good using streamers or big stonefly nymphs. Fish the softer seams and pocket water where the trout hang out to avoid the high flows. By July 4, we might be seeing green drakes and PMD's! We can't wait.

Browns, cutthroat and rainbows are the objects of desire. 

The grizzlies and black bears are out now. Carry bear spray!




The Lower Shoshone is an overlooked jewel in the fly fishing community. Offering ample fishing access and eager trout the river is must for the fly fishing enthusiast. This is one of the only rivers in the Rocky mountains you can fish year around due to the influence of the hot springs trickling in above town but here's the real kicker...You can fish dry flies 12 months out of the year, when the conditions are right!.

The river is off color from Buffalo Bill Dam downstream due to the BuRec dumping water below the dam. Flows are going down now - FINALLY!! The river will begin to fish well as flows continue this downward trend and the river starts to clear. 

Nymphing is always reliable on the "LoSho" and remains good, too. Best success has been with firebead sow bugs, snow cone midges, black North Fork Specials and San Juan Worms fished deep. 

Streamer action is consistently good, as well. Water temps are in the mid-50's. Weather will be in the 80's through the rest of the week. Flows are down today - 1405 cfs.  



The flow on the Bighorn River near Thermopolis, WY is dropping. Today's flow is 3450 cfs. We have heard they will be dropping the flow on the Bighorn for the rest of the summer. The river is fishing well as long as one fishes the edges right now.

Fish with sowbugs, midge larvae, aquatic worms, leeches or streamers for consistent hookups on the Bighorn in the Thermopolis area. 

North Fork Anglers has provided guided trips on the Bighorn River since 1984, which gives us a 'leg up' on any other guide service offering guided trips. Book now to reserve a guide and float date! 



Fed by a hundred, or more, glacial lakes draining the Beartooth Plateau, the Clarks Fork of the Yellowstone is a fly fisherman's dream river. The Clark's Fork has three distinct sections, each fish differently and each section has its own personality, requiring fly fishermen to change tactics on each section in order to keep the rod bent and the reel singing. 


The upper Clarks Fork of the Yellowstone has been fair fly fishing. The river is clear but the flows are such anglers can only fish the softer water along the banks. In another week or so, the upper Clarks Fork will be prime. 
Fish size 8-14 bead-head nymphs for best results. Cast royal trudes or small ho candy's into pocket water for dry fly action. 



Water quality have improved remarkably since the weekend. The river is still impacted by Sunlight Creek, but the river does have enough clarity to fish below the canyon downstream to Pat O'Hara Creek. 

Water quality is somewhat better above Paint Creek's confluence to the Clarks Fork. Hatches are sporadic. Try large (#4-#8) stonefly nymphs, copper Johns, hares ears, or halfbacks under an indicator for better action.  Flows are 1210 cfs -- GOING DOWN !!

Will we be fishing the salmonfly hatch this year?  We are hoping so!  Book a float on the lower Clarks Fork late June through early July and find out.  



The lower part of the Clarks Fork Canyon is accessible for fishing. Fishing will be slow to fair due to the size and quantity of river flows.  Wait until July to get into the canyon. Flows will be down and the trout will be accessible. 




Dead Indian, Sunlight and Crandall.

Crandall and Dead Indian Creeks are clearing nicely and dropping in flow. Fishing should pick up on both these streams in the next week. Sunlight Creek is still high and was flowing off color over the weekend. 

We expect to see all these creeks drop and clear within the next 10 days. The trout will be looking up for caddis flies and golden stoneflies. 


Enjoy spectacular scenery and great fishing on the Lamar River, Soda Butte Creek, Slough Creek, the Yellowstone River, and Yellowstone Lake. View Yellowstone Fishing Reports

Open to fishing!!!

YELLOWSTONE RIVER FISHING REPORT - Closed to angling until 7/15 in the Le Hardy Rapids area. Open below Yellowstone Falls, May 24, 2015.

The lower Yellowstone River is coming into shape now. Salmonflies are on the river in the Gardner, MT area now. This hatch moves upstream about a mile a day. It won't be long before we see these large insects on the Lamar, Slough and Soda Butte Creeks in the NW corner of Yellowstone.
Fish large stonefly nymphs deep for best success. Sizes 2-8 work best. 


YELLOWSTONE LAKE FISHING REPORT - Opens to angling May 24, 2015 

Open to angling. All lake trout must be killed when caught. All native cutthroat must be released alive! The cutthroat have been eating streamers (olive, black or brown wooly buggers and Zonkers) quite well whether fishing from shore or from a boat. Lake trout are being hooked in the shallow water as well. 

FIREHOLE / GIBBON / MADISON FISHING REPORT - Opens to angling May 24, 2015

Open for angling! Hatches on the West side of Yellowstone has been caddis and salmonflies. Dries, nymphs, soft hackles and streamers have been doing well for anglers since these rivers opened to anglers Memorial Day weekend. 

Large salmonflies have been seen on the lower Madison. If this news doesn't get you cranked, you're not a serious fly fisher. Just kidding, of course. Having said that, the Firehole River is getting warm. The best fishing is early and late. The Gibbon and Madison are fishing better although the Madison is beginning to show the warm water influence from the Firehole.

Fish large stonefly nymphs deep or soft hackle wet flies. Dry action has been inconsistent now that water temps are climing.  


LAMAR / SLOUGH CREEK / SODA BUTTE FISHING REPORT - Opens to angling May 24, 2015

Open to fishing!!! In the last week, the Lamar and its tributaries, Slough, Soda and Pebble Creek are fishing better and better. Caddis are out everywhere right now, with some golden stonefly activity reported on the Lamar and lower Soda Butte Creek. Check it out!!  


Fishermen preferring all types of angling tactics have discovered the treasures found in the high plains lakes of the eastern Rockies. The Wyoming Game and Fish Department has stocked many of these with a variety of trout - browns, rainbows, cutthroat and splake. Due to the mineral content of the mountainous soils, the water in these lakes are rich with aquatic insects and crustaceans which translates into good to trophy sized trout in many of the lakes. For the fly fisherman, this also translates into a rod-bending great time. More Info on Lakes and Reservoirs. View Lakes and Reservoirs Fishing Reports


Both lakes are fishing great.

Leeches, chironomids, midge pupa and dries, scuds, small PT nymphs, and hare's ears are recommended. Callibaetis are emerging now. The trout are eating the adult, emerger and nymphs usually sometime between 11-2.  Damsels are here!  Be on the look out for adults as temperatures rise.  Strip nymphs slow and deep.  The water has warmed considerably with the recent hot weather.  Fishing from shore might be tough as many of the fish will have moved to the deeper water in the middle.  Slow strip or troll leech patterns on sinking lines for best results.


Open and fishing better every day.
Chironomid/midge pupa, Callibaetis, scuds, ants, beetles and bowtie midges.

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